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“The Hazelwood Way” specifies behavioral expectations for our community:
We are a community of learners. We are kind. We are safe. We are responsible.

Our school hosts three district special education programs: one for visually-impaired students and two “intensive support” programs. These programs are an important part of our diverse school community and they provide our students with engaging and rich learning opportunities.

We are very proud of our school and the learning community we serve. When you visit Hazelwood you will discover over 400 students who represent 26 different spoken languages and who come from varying backgrounds.

Our school staff cares about kids and provides quality instruction to meet students at their individual point of need. We recognize that students also need to feel emotionally safe, connected, and valued by their teacher in order to maximize academic learning. This connection and the connection with you, their parents and guardians is essential. We believe in building strong school and family partnerships.